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Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at stuwo.at
Wed Apr 5 21:27:44 UTC 2000

On Wed, 05 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> Hi Martin, 
>         do we have to thank Mr. Oke also for the OS/2 port? 
> These lines look very interesting... 
> [mmorin at jupiter kdevelop]> configure 
> .... 
> cchecking how to run the C++ preprocessor... g++ -E 
> checking whether g++ supports -frepo... yes 
> checking for Cygwin environment... no 
> checking for mingw32 environment... no 
> checking for EMX OS/2 environment... no 
> checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu 
> checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu 

This is for WinNT compatibility, 'cause this OS uses OS/2 routines
inside (history lesson ;-))
But it's TOP SECRET. Don't spread it or wait for the gnus in black to arrive.
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