Simple Question for a simple User

Derek_Mason at Derek_Mason at
Wed Apr 5 20:45:58 UTC 2000

     Having just got back to Kdevelop as a learning tool for both C++ and 
     linux in general I find a couple of (simple I hope) problems.
     System is Compaq Armarda 1700
     SUsE 6.1
     KDE 1.1.2
     Kdevelop 1.1 Beta2
     Having created a console applet and then imported an existing source 
     file I find that there are two instances in the project manager of the 
     single function contained in the new file. Clicking on either simply 
     brings up the source for the Kdevelop generated main function.
     However, clicking on the globally declared _structure_ used in the 
     imported source will bring up the correct source file.
     Is this an undocumented feature, or me being silly again?
     More importantly to me (I probably don't understand what I'm doing 
     here) if I #include <iostream.h> then the file isn't found when 
     compiling.  This surely has to be an environment variable to be set, 
     but the question is _where_ should I set the path to?
     Any clues would be welcome :)
     dm v2.5.2

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