[Fwd: ACE/TAO with KDevelop?]

Todd Moyer tmoyer at arinc.com
Wed Apr 5 19:46:39 UTC 2000

> Donald Dade wrote:

> > I suppose that I can change the Makefiles to force them to work, but
> > KDevelop can and will overwrite my changes the next time the Makefile is
> > generated. So my problem is that I do not know how to tell KDevelop to
> > incorporate my customizations into any Makefiles that it generates. While I
> > understand the value of automake, autoconf, and configure, does this require
> > that we sacrifice the ability to exercise precise control over the build
> > process?


I'm using ACE (but not TAO) under KDevelop.  However, I didn't start
developing the project from within KDevelop, so the project already had
it's own Makefiles.  So when I created the project, I just used the
"Custom" project template and copied over the existing Makefile into the
new project directory, and KDE now runs that when I click the "make"
button.  This probably isn't the type of solution you're looking for (it
doesn't use autoconf/make), but it does work for me.

If you would be interested in collaborating on a new project template
that includes the ACE/TAO libraries, I'd be glad to work on that with
you, as it would help me with future projects...

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