Markus Svensen svensen at cns.mpg.de
Wed Apr 5 07:36:39 UTC 2000


I'm using KDevelop 1.0 under KDE 1.1.2, Linux 2.3.35, Debian distr.

I'm still just toying around with it, but when I tried the API-doc.
generation, it fails with the error message:

Could not open /usr/share/kdoc/index/kfmlib.kdoc for reading

I've tried to locate this file, but have had no success so far. Is there
anyone who could help? 


Markus Svensen

Max-Planck-Institute            Email: svensen at cns.mpg.de
  of Cognitive Neuroscience     Phone: +49/0-341-9940 229
Postfach 500 355                Fax (not personal):
D-04303 LEIPZIG                        +49/0-341-9940 221

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