Bugreport: Kdevelop doesn't work with Qt 1.44 (SuSE Linux 6.3)

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Wed Apr 5 00:44:59 BST 2000

Christian Weickhmann - Bowfinger wrote:
> KDevelop V1.1 Beta4 doesn't compile a project if Qt-Libs V 1.44 are
> installed.
> By now I not know weather it's a bug of the SuSE Linux 6.3-configuration
> or a bug in KDevelop itself.

I don´t know it either...
without any further information...
if I remember correctly I hadn´t any problem to compile a project...
C/C++/QT or KDE 1.x with SuSE 6.1, SuSE 6.2 or SuSE 6.3 from version 1.0
until the actual snapshot.
(but I also don´t remember if I have tested the SuSE 6.3 rpm completely)

Hmmm ... Sorry, but this bug-report doesn´t help me...

Now I´m trying to act as an clairvoyant: 
Did you installed "qtdevel", "qtext", "xdevel", "gccfront" or "egcs",
"autoconf", "automake", "gcc", "gpp", "libc", "libgpp", "make"?

If you did, so please give us a little bit more info,
where does kdevelop stop... which error do you see? ... do it happen on
the application wizard or only on build time? ... what did you do
Which type of project? ... Did it also happen on terminal C/C++ project?

More info would be great... thanks...


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