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Sun Apr 2 01:52:19 UTC 2000

Harold Hartley wrote:
> The only thing I don't have or found is the sgml2html stuff.. :)
> But I do have glimse.

glimpse is only a substitution for htdig (not for the sgml stuff) ... or
I should say it vice-versa...
htdig will be a substitution for glimpse.

> does this mean that sgml could be replaced someday as upgrades in kde and
> kdevelop tools are improved...

look for "sgmltools" inside your distribution...

for creation of KDE 1.x application's user documentation, sgmltools will
be used. 

For KDE 2.x application's user documentation it will be different... but
glimpse and htdig is and will never be the tool for creation of project
user documentation. 

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