KDevelop 1.1 for Linuxppc

Jeremy Knope swttiggr2 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 16:15:54 UTC 2000

Hey.... it doesn't need to be ported... it should work
out of the tar.gz :-) although when i first compiled
it i had to replace the libtool in the source code
with one from qt-gui licq plugin.  anyway... if i can
clean up some space on my hard drive i could make a
rpm for kdevelop 1.1 but righ tnow i have 29M free and
they ain't enough to build rpms for kdevelp...
kdevelop also is slow to build... :-P i'll consider it
this week. so for now compile the source if you want
or if you want to wait i'll try to build the rpms.

--- ECE Student <stimit at mail.utexas.edu> wrote:
> Please port the 1.1 version to the ppc
> platform...i'd really like to be
> able to use the latest version. I can find only
> 1.0beta4.1 right now.
> Thanks...
> Stimit

Jeremy T. Knope <jerome at knopej1.umeres.maine.edu>
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