Sandy Meier smeier at
Thu Jul 29 18:10:39 UTC 1999

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999 you wrote:
> Hello,
> Somehow my system has become inhospitable to kdevelop recently; I've installed
> 4 versions and every one segfaults when I open a project. The versions are:

> I realize this isn't enough information to get help, but can someone tell how to
> gather more debugging info about the crash? This is unfortunate for me, I
> was just going to start my first kde app and don't really feel like trying
> it without kdevelop. KDevelop 0.4 ran fine for me when I first installed it.
> TIA,
> Virgil

Please start KDevelop from a terminal like "konsole" or "xterm" and report the
output when it crash.



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