BUG in Project | Options Dialog

Torsten Uhlmann TUhlmann at debis.com
Thu Jul 29 06:08:56 UTC 1999

Hi all,
there´s a little bug in the dialog Project | Options | linker options

I´ve checked all libs except kab.

The line of extra libs reads:

-lsword -lpng -lm -ljscript

When I leave the dialog (OK and also Cancel, if the line was committed
and then go back into the dialog the line reads:

-lsword -lpng -lm -ljscriptiff -lpng -lm -ljscript

So there´s something appended which shouldn´t...
Could you please look into it?


best regards,
Torsten Uhlmann

TUhlmann at gmx.de
Wise men still seek him!

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