Virgil King vking at
Wed Jul 28 18:41:43 UTC 1999


Somehow my system has become inhospitable to kdevelop recently; I've installed
4 versions and every one segfaults when I open a project. The versions are:

0.4 source tar.gz and binary rpm
most recent snapshot
1.1.2pre from

Before each install I've removed my kdeveloprc and the kdevelop directory in
the kde directory. The project I'm trying to open is a qt/kde app fresh out of
the wizard.

I realize this isn't enough information to get help, but can someone tell how to
gather more debugging info about the crash? This is unfortunate for me, I
was just going to start my first kde app and don't really feel like trying
it without kdevelop. Kdevelop 0.4 ran fine for me when I first installed it.


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