A minimal bug in the 19990728 snapshot

Jere Kahanpää jere.kahanpaa at helsinki.fi
Wed Jul 28 09:34:34 UTC 1999


I did just run a successfull build of Kdev on a 
RH5.2 (updated to egcs1.1.2 and the latest 
automake/autoconf) system. The latest snapshot 
(19990728) worked fine but I had to do a 
very small 'bugfix': The installation 
was looking for 


which isn't included in the tarfile. I did a simple
'touch index-19.html' to create the file and then 
the installation worked. 

	Jere Kahanpää

PS. I prefer using wxWindows as my GUI toolkit
(it is impressivly portable) but at least right 
now the Kdev IDE seems to be by far the nicest 
IDE for X/KDE. So I have no need for the programming manual.

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