Indinite recursion

Ulrich Heinen heinenu at
Tue Jul 27 11:10:58 UTC 1999

Am Mon, 26 Jul 1999 schrieben Sie:
>	on the latest snapshot there is an infinite recursion in the
>documentation creation.
>I avoided it commenting the dir "doc" from the main Makefile.
>At least I  was able to compile.

The same happens on my system. The reason is that the's
in some directories contain the "." in the SUBDIR list. After
removing the dots compilation proceeds smoothly for me.

I'm currently trying to trace that bug that appeared to be related
to the building of the class view. Actually, the crash occurs

   void CLogFileView::refresh(CProject* prj)

in clogfileview.cpp, probably in some method of QFileInfo. So far, I'm
not sure what causes the crash but I thought I'd mention it, in case
someone with more experience has time to look into it.


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