Tutorials, wishes, thoughts, etc.

John Zedlewski zedlwski at princeton.edu
Fri Jul 23 10:33:25 UTC 1999

Well, I had a look at both the "scribble" example from Qt and the QtScribble
example in "Programming Qt."  I know that the Scribble app is the typical,
textbook example, but I'm not sure any of these really fits our needs.  The
big thing that we need to demonstrate is the KDE source framework,
especially the document/view architecture.  The paint applications simply
save the view data as a QPixmap, not deriving a document class of their own.
Also, I've always had a problem with intro apps that use a lot of painting
functions, as, in my experience, very few beginning programmers use the
drawing functions for any real apps.  Much more typical would be the example
of a check-writing template that was brought up on this list.
  I'm working on an idea that uses document/view, a QSplitter, the dialog
builder, and saving/loading.  It's also not too complex.  I'll let y'all
know over the weekend when I expect to have it together.  Surely before the
1.1.2 (or is it 1.2?) release, not that we necessarily want to include it
with the package.

In terms of wishes / questions:
  By the way, when you right click in the class view to add a function, do
we yet have the option to make it a signal or slot?  The last version I got
from CVS didn't include this, but I can't remember how long ago I picked
that up.  Should be easy.  I can do it if nobody else is interested/free.
Also, when you select an item in the Dialog builder, you should be able to
move it using the keyboard arrow keys as well.  Again, a very simple hack.
It's great for making little tweaks, though.  Finally, is there any demand
for IDL syntax highlighting?  I think I have the source for that lying
around somewhere. .  .  With all the focus on KOM/OP in KDE 2.0, I think
that we'll need to look at some major features for CORBA components for
KDevelop.  Right now, it's damn tough to build a good KOM/OP app, and that
will really slow down KDE development in the future if we don't address it.


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