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Le jeu, 22 jui 1999, vous avez écrit :
> Hi!
> I don't think wchar_t is a standard C++ keyword. Where did you get
> those? I didn't even know these *_cast words.
> Ciao,
> Ralf

Hi !

I got the list in "Working Paper for Draft Proposed International Standard for
Information Systems-- Programming Language C++ --" of ISO committee.

*************** Extract of this document ***************** 

2.11  Keywords                                               [lex.key]

1 The identifiers shown in Table 3 are  reserved  for  use  as  keywords
(that is, they are unconditionally treated as keywords in phase 7):

8)  On  systems in which linkers cannot accept extended characters, an
encoding of the universal-character-name may be used in forming  valid
external identifiers.  For example, some otherwise unused character or
sequence of characters may be used to encode the \u  in  a  universal-
character-name.  Extended characters may produce a long external iden-
tifier, but C++ does not place  a  translation  limit  on  significant
characters  for  external  identifiers.  In C++, upper- and lower-case
letters are considered different for all identifiers, including exter-
nal identifiers.

Table 3--keywords

|asm          do             inline             short         typeid       |
|auto         double         int                signed        typename     |
|bool         dynamic_cast   long               sizeof        union        |
|break        else           mutable            static        unsigned     |
|case         enum           namespace          static_cast   using        |
|catch        explicit       new                struct        virtual      |
|char         extern         operator           switch        void         |
|class        false          private            template      volatile     |
|const        float          protected          this          wchar_t      |
|const_cast   for            public             throw         while        |
|continue     friend         register           true                       |
|default      goto           reinterpret_cast   try                        |
|delete       if             return             typedef                    |

2 Furthermore, the alternative representations shown in Table 4 for cer-
tain operators and punctuators (_lex.digraph_) are reserved and  shall
not be used otherwise:

Table 4--alternative representations

|and      and_eq   bitand   bitor   compl    not |
|not_eq   or       or_eq    xor     xor_eq       |

******************** end of the extract **********************

Ciao !
Huy Cuong Nguyen
huyc at iquebec.com

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