Icon for "Development" Entry in K-Startmenu

Arandir arandir at meer.net
Fri Jul 23 02:41:46 UTC 1999

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, ken brakey wrote:
> Toy blocks partially stacked with doc, C, C++, m4, etc. on them?
> Or with K, D, E, V, E, L, O, P on them?
> Ken

This sounds too similar to the VC++ icon that has three bocks with the letters
MFC on them.

Using the "box" on the 16x16 icon has caused me a few problems. The embedded
icon will be too small to do much with. It's probably too late to change the
way KDE does stuff, but I liked the way OS/2 had a 32x32 folder with an
embedded 16x16 icon, then that embedded icon was used for the mini-icon.


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