More than one compiler

John Zedlewski zedlwski at
Thu Jul 22 13:45:13 UTC 1999

> >Hi all. The new version 0.4 of Kdevelop is great.
> >Is there a posibility to be supported more compilers (Pascal, Java e.t.)
> >KDevelop so it will become to "KDevelop Studio" :-)

Well, the basics of this are trivial, because KWrite already supports syntax
highlighting for many other languages and just plugging in an outside
compiler wouldn't be difficult at all.  I'm not familiar with Java
makefiles, but I don't think even they would be too bad.  HOWEVER, all of
the class browser stuff would need some work to parse Java files.  Still,
there might be enough free stuff out there (does Kaffe have a javadoc tool?
That should include a very simple Java parser), that I think it will surely
happen someday.  I think that most people are pretty tied up on other parts,
e.g. bugfixing, CVS integration, function database, intellisense, etc.  If a
Java expert were to join the project, this could happen in no time at all.
Until then, you can take a look at Freebuilder (  They
got off to a good start, but the last version I saw didn't have a class
browser.  And of course, Swing on Linux tends to be pretty memory hungry.  I
also haven't seen an update in ages, so I don't know how active it is.
Pascal is probably a little trickier, as it doesn't have Java's C-like
Good luck!

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