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Jan W. Zumwalt jan99508 at
Thu Jul 22 11:39:29 UTC 1999

What I and other folks are looking for is a simple example of using the KDE development tool. The first project that I have chosen for myself is a check writing template.

The trouble I am having is getting the interfaces at the proper location. For example, what is needed for a simple text box to show up on the screen.

The QT tutorials are excelant in this area - but they really are not adaptable to the KDE dev environment. 

Even a simple hello world in a text box would be helpful. It would show proper interfacing. I would be able to adapt from there.

Thanks for your reply.
Jan W.Zumwalt
Computer Electronics
717 Northway Drive.
Anchorage, Ak 99508
jan99508 at

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 17:14:21   John Zedlewski wrote:
>What kind of help are you looking for?  Something to illustrate KDE
>programming?  Or something that focuses more on using the IDE?  Something
>else entirely?  I'm working on a beginner's KDE-programming tutorial
>(KDevelop-centric), and I'd like to know what info would be most helpful.

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