Editor wish

Alan Prescott ajp at fudokai.zetnet.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 07:56:11 UTC 1999

Other editor wishes:

On an old public domain editor for M$-DOS called Edwin there were hot keys
to move up and down to lines of equal indent. - great for quickly moving
around block structured code.
Another nice feature was the ability in find to find and run a macro.
I've not seen these on other editors I've used and I've missed them!

I prefer to write well-spaced & commented source code for documentation
purposes but hate the amount of screen space they take up when I'm working
on the code. How about a toggle to hide/display blank lines and comments,
just leave some sort of mark to show they're there when hidden.

Hate to refer to the evil empire but the ability to edit in some sort of
outline mode as per M$-Word. Again, keeps the unwanted stuff hidden while
editing the bit you are working on - I really need a vdu about A2 size, LCD,
colour - Ah! if only!

Alan Prescott
ajp at fudokai.zetnet.co.uk

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