Bug in KDevelop ?

Torsten Evers tevers at t-online.de
Thu Jul 15 12:51:21 UTC 1999

Hello, there 

I write in english because I don't know whether this is read by english
guys too. So first let me congratulate you for this great work. For such
an "early" version it is impressingly usable and stable. But I think
I've found out a bug in the printing routines.

I use two printers on my machine. One network printer (novell) and a
locally connected NECP2X. The first is lp and the second is lp0. I am
only able to print on the novell printer but not on the NEC even if I
insert "lp0" in the "printer name" field in the printing dialog. Where
does the bug reside, inyour program or 80cm in front of my screen ? :-))

Best wishes,

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