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Sven Bergner bergner at
Wed Jul 14 16:46:51 UTC 1999

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Massimo Morin wrote:

> 	unfortunatly I don't have much time for activelly hacking the code but
> I like to take a look at it and being up to date.
> The snapshot are fine but downloading every couple of days 2Mb seems a
> little...time-consuming (aka wasting).
> Isn't it possible to let available not only the snapshots but also the
> patch file between shapshot versions? That could save a looot of
> bandwidth/time (even because the ftp server doesn't seems to be a very
> fast one, and the diff file (.patch.gz) should be around 10kb every
> day....).
I think this is a great idea. So it would be possible to distribute the
patches via mail. I've seen this in another project. 


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