Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at
Wed Jul 14 12:14:10 UTC 1999

Hi everybody!

As you can see in the KDevelop snapshots, documentation and application
messages grow (exponentially ;-) from day to day. Therefore we would 
need your help with translation of both documentation and .po files; not 
only to new languages, but also to already supported ones (You can see
a stat on the kdevelop homepage under i18n). So, if you have some spare 
time, please help the translators to make everything ready as soon as possible. 


PS: If you want to contribute to translations please email the appropriate
translator (mail addresses can be found on the i18n page) and if he needs
your help (and I´m sure he will ;-) please also send a short notice to me
so I can add you to the i18n page.

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