Segmentation fault problem

Catalin CLIMOV catalin at
Tue Jul 13 07:45:38 UTC 1999

Yes, I have the same problem when I add new members to CKAppWizard class.
In fact the problem appears ONLY when I add new members in ckappwizard.h and
don't modify ckdevelop_project.cpp ( the only place where CKAppWizard is
But everything works fine when I remove members from CKAppWizard.
It took me a lot of time to figure it out what I AM doing wrong, and my final
conclusion was that there are some problems with the dependecies.


Tu ai scris în Mon, 12 Jul 1999 :
> I'm playing with the code to add small features to Kdevelop and I'm getting a
> segmentation fault.
> I just modified the file ckdevelop_init.cpp, compile (make) then run
> kdevelop and
> got this seg. fault. Then I finally remove all the *.o files, then rebuild
> all and
> run kdevelop and it runs fine without any seg. fault.
> I think that removing all the *.o files and rebuild all is overwhelming.
> Anybody found same problem?
> Manuel

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