inconsistent file state in custom projects

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Mon Jul 12 06:44:54 UTC 1999


I want to know if this bug in KDevelop 0.4 will be fixed in 0.5 (?):

If I create a custom project and add existing files to it, it happens
very often that suddenly I've got 2 version of the same file at the same

If I'm unlucky, I do some changes in a file but the compiler compiles
the parallelly existing 2. version... The worst will be, if I close the
later version at first because that's why in case of closing KDevelop
the old one will overwrite the new one. In this way I could lose all my
done work. :-(

It seems it's a problem of internal KDevelop file caches, isn't it?



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