Editor wish

John Zedlewski zedlwski at princeton.edu
Tue Jul 6 11:46:39 BST 1999

Ok, I'm a third vote for Ctrl-based navigation and deletion.  Don't really
care about drag and drop for text (I find that many editors try to drag,
when you're really just trying to highlight), but it's not a particularly
bad thing.  The much bigger issue that I have with the editor is its
highlighting and copying.  If I highlight a block of text, cut it, and then
accidentally highlight something else before I paste, that block is long
gone.  I'm used to all the editors in which you highlight one block, copy
it, highlight another, and then hit paste.  Then the second block is
REPLACED by the first.  In KWrite, nothing happens.  I know that the current
style is a bit more emacs-like, but don't most emacs folks hate IDEs like
the plague? ;)  That style (of whatever is highlighted is basically already
copied) only works when you have emacs' whole system of minibuffers so that
your text isn't lost.
On a side note, I also added in syntax highlighting for IDL (for KOM) to my
KDevelop.  I'd really like to start adding in support for KOM-ready
makefiles and other CORBA tools.  What mailing list would be appropriate for
serious discussions of KWrite, anybody know?

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