Bug: KDev. with splitted file personality

Oliver Eichler Eichler oliver.eichler at gmx.de
Tue Jul 6 07:39:46 UTC 1999


I guess this is a bug. During my work with KDevelop the IDE looses track
of the opened files. When switching between the files of my project KDevelope
seems to forget what file is opened already and which one has to be opened.
This leads to two open versions of one file. When editing one of the files
KDevelop gets somehow a splitted view. Never the less it seems to save and
compile the version   having the latest focus, which might be the older
unedited one :(. This is very annoying if you have to do each job twice. I open
the files from the class view. Could it be that the class view does not check
the 'currently open list' before openeing a file?



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