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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Mon Jul 5 11:29:16 UTC 1999

"M.J. Stoutjesdijk" wrote:
> Hi everybody (and Ralf!)
> I think it would be very useful to add an index to the tutorial(s). The
> moment has come that it would really be useful, and adding an index
> after all the writing is done is not much fun at all. Maybe that in this
> "pre-release" stage, the task is not yet too overwhelming!
> Cheers,
> Mark

Do you mean an Index with Keywords ? If yes, there already are index
entries in the user manual with some keywords. I just have to replace
the keyword with <idx/keyword/ and I'm done so far for the SGML master.
The thing for online-docs is that the index is not created, only for
latex output. But I still can't manage to include the index file,
because nobody else told me how to do it up to now and I didn't find any
hint how to do that by myself.
What I found out an what works is that the index file gets made. Then I
have to run makeindex <indexfile>.idx to get a <indexfile>.ind. Then I
have to produce a Tex output which I have to edit (sadly enough..) by
hand to include the ind file. Then I have to run tex, dvips to get the
postscript which includes the index file. Then I have two more problems:
a) the top headers are missing b) the index startpage is missing.  

If anyone knows a solution, please tell me. The only thing I know about
is to get sgml2latex -m to create the idx file and the
--output=ps,dvi,tex to get the formats. IMHO this editing by hand
shouldn't be the way it works, but never found ANY hint how to include
the index file.

The other docs are in production, currently writing the kde library
reference which also contains a whole bunch of explanation for the event
system and signals/slots; this is already in cvs and can be found as
well on

Comments welcome. I want to know if this is understandable or not. If
anyone knows how to produce the ps files with the index, please, please,
tell me ! You can play with that by the original sgml master in
/kdevelop/kdevelop/docs/en/index.sgml which is set up for indexing.

Any keywords which you want to have included -report them. I know the
stuff but don't know what I would search for if I didn't...;-)



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