New graphical applications in kde

Javier Pardo Celada jpardoc at
Wed Jan 1 08:42:48 UTC 1997

    Hello, my name is Javier Pardo, I am Senior Computer Science
Engineer and
 I´d know how to begin to create news graphical applications with Kde.
    Do I need some kit of developement?
    Kde includes tool as Motiv to Developpe Graphical application.
    I work for a Engineering Company which habe a SCADA developement in
    Borland Delphi , but my next aim is make this softeware under Linux
using a
    Graphical  Environement like Kde.

Remarking, I´d get information about Graphical Libraries of KDe.

                                                  Javier Pardo Celada
                                                Ingeniero en Informatica

                                            Senior Computer Science

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