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On 1/30/22 20:38, Christoph Cullmann ( wrote:
> just out of curiosity, how does the LSP integration of the
> in Kate compare to what we have in KDevelop?
> Might it make sense to improve the LSP stuff instead of working
> on having a own parser for this?

maybe, I don't know. Judging from the current state, I think LSP Python 
support in Kate is pretty far from what KDevelop has in both quality of 
the provided features, as well as amount of features offered.

There is no semantic highlighting; project-wide symbol lookup, at least 
here, doesn't work; completion is by far not as context-sensitive as it 
is in KDevelop; tooltips are weird at best and even if they were 
correct, are not as featureful; there is no error reporting; etc etc. 
There might be areas where it is ahead, I don't know, but getting this 
to the feature set of what kdev-python had for ten years will take quite 
some work.

That said, I don't disagree of course that kdevelop-python is in a 
somewhat weird spot market-wise and I'm not sure how it will move 
forward in the next years.


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