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Sven Brauch mail at
Sun Jan 30 10:55:40 GMT 2022


I just made an attempt to port kdevelop-python to Python 3.10. 
Unfortunately, that's not really possible, because CPython un-exported 
the C API we used to obtain an AST (it is still accessible from the 
headers, but the symbols are no longer exported in the .so file -- no 
idea what their plan is here, to be honest).

This seems to be a conscious decision and based on previous experiences, 
chances to change anything about this are slim; CPython doesn't want 
their parsing C API to be used externally.

Other than having a patched fork of Python (I don't really feel like 
doing that), I honestly see few options.

Of course, one could replace the whole frontend part of kdevelop-python 
with something different, but that's a quite significant amount of work 
and it feels somehow questionable whether our backend is still good 
enough to be worth that.

Anyways, this is just to inform you about this somewhat sad state of 

All the best,
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