Moving KDevelop to Release service coverage?

Sven Brauch mail at
Wed Oct 27 23:13:32 BST 2021


On 10/27/21 10:12 AM, Kevin Funk wrote:
> If plugin authors depend on an API feature from "58", just let them depend on
> KDevelop 21.12. Maybe above relation from to SOVERSION could be
> persisted on the web page as well. Shouldn't be much work.

not sure if I'm being overly pragmatic here but historically, there have 
been very few KDevelop plugins developed outside of the core KDevelop 
circle. Especially, I do not remember any such plugin which was 
binary-packaged independently from KDevelop's development team and 
release schedule in the last decade.

So I'm honestly not sure if this question matters that much.

Oh, but of course this brings up another question: Would we want to move 
kdev-php and kdev-python to release service as well? I think that would 
make sense, no?

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