Notice of withdrawal of CI services: KDevelop and KDE Connect

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Wed Jun 16 20:25:30 BST 2021


This is indeed an issue that has occurred previously, and actually
I've written to you, Ben, once before about this. Now I'm asking again, why
is it necessary to email *FIVE* mailing lists for issues that are primarily
solved by a much much smaller subgroup of people? Maybe send it to a few
C++ lists as well, maybe someone'll jump out and fix the CI 🤪

On a very related topic, for the third time, send the kdeconnect CI status
emails to the actual developers and contributors for whom they are
actionable, not the entire kdeconnect mailing list. It's just noise for the
majority of non-code contributors, non-code contributors that might be able
to help with support questions but who are very likely ignoring the list
due to horrifically bad SNR.

Have an extra day,

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 9:29 PM Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The following is notice that I intend to withdraw CI services from the
> following two KDE projects due to faults in their code or build system
> which are having a significant adverse impact on the CI system and
> negatively impacting on other projects:
> - KDevelop
> - KDE Connect
> This withdrawal will be applied to all platforms.
> In the case of KDevelop, it has a series of unit tests which on FreeBSD
> cause gdb to hang and consume an entire CPU core indefinitely. This slows
> down builds for all other projects using that CI server, and also prevents
> KWin tests from proceeding - completely blocking it's jobs. This fault is
> in the debuggee_slow family of tests.
> As this issue has persisted for some time now despite being mentioned, I
> require that the family of tests in question be disabled across all
> platforms.
> In the case of KDE Connect, as part of it's configure process it runs an
> external command that results in dbus-daemon being launched. This process
> persists following the build and would only be cleaned up by our tooling
> that runs tests. Should the compilation fail (as it does currently) it will
> result in the CI builder being broken - which is why we have had so many
> Windows builds fail lately.
> As this is an issue that has occurred previously, I require that the
> configure time check which is launching dbus-daemon to be expunged from KDE
> Connect.
> As a reminder to all projects, running commands that interact with
> dbus-daemon or kdeinit is not permitted during configure or build time.
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> KDE Sysadmin
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