Notice of withdrawal of CI services: KDevelop and KDE Connect

Sven Brauch mail at
Thu Jun 17 08:11:11 BST 2021


On 6/16/21 8:28 PM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> In the case of KDevelop, it has a series of unit tests which on FreeBSD 
> cause gdb to hang and consume an entire CPU core indefinitely. This 
> slows down builds for all other projects using that CI server, and also 
> prevents KWin tests from proceeding - completely blocking it's jobs. 
> This fault is in the debuggee_slow family of tests.
> As this issue has persisted for some time now despite being mentioned, I 
> require that the family of tests in question be disabled across all 
> platforms.

Sorry, I'm super uninformed about how our CI system is managed. You want 
us to disable this test suite on the CMake level? Or is there a 
different way?

Why for all platforms, if it's only problematic for BSD? Wouldn't it be 
better if we just conditionally disable it for BSD?

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