TLC for the cmakemanager - feedback required

Milian Wolff mail at
Sun Feb 9 21:41:25 GMT 2020

Hey all,

I finally found some time to give the cmake manager plugin some tender loving 
care. I removed a bunch of dead code, fixed some unit tests and added support 
for the cmake-file-api [1].

You can find my work over at [2]. Be warned: I may potentially force push to 
that branch. That said, I would really welcome if others could have a look and 
give me some feedback.

My preliminary testing shows that it seems to work. The one big feature that's 
missing is watching the cmake files for changes and then automatically 
triggering a reconfiguration to update the code model data. I'll give that a 
shot in the next days and also test it on some bigger applications at work, 
before creating a merge request.



Milian Wolff
mail at
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