D21156: Fix browse mode not disabled after Ctrl is released

Simone Gaiarin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jun 26 12:55:44 BST 2019

simgunz added a comment.

  > - If you do have the commit and it is the latest one in your history: ``` arc amend git push ```
  Sorry but it is still not clear if this would work. In this diff I have three commits (modification_1, modification_2, revert modifications_2) in a feature branch forked from `master`. I need to push to `5.3`. If I run those two commands I expect that three commits are pushed (not a single one with the total modification) and I would expect that those are pushed to `origin/my-feature-branch` not in `5.3`. Isn't it?
  What I would do is: rebase `my-feature-branch` on top of `5.3`, squash the three commits in one, `arc amend` to updated the commit message, and finally `git push`.
  > The problem with that is that you already pushed, so you'd have to force-push, and everyone who has already pulled your original commit will have to force-pull. A `git amend` will in fact rewrite the history and change the commit hash  (but the original hash continues to exist). Unless I'm doing something wrong, which isn't impossible at all.
  I think that he meant to do `arc amend` before anything was pushed, just to pull the commit text from the Phabricator review and add it to the latest commit, before pushing.
  > I only use arc to upload to phab, and sometimes to fetch a patch file. For the rest I prefer to do things manually. Git is voodoo enough on its own, no need to add additional complexity written in some obscure-to-me scripting language :)
  I agree that arc is another layer of complexity, thus all my questions. :-)

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