KDevelop Snap, Plugins, General API, Python

J.Arun Mani J.ArunMani at protonmail.com
Wed Jun 19 15:19:55 BST 2019

Thank you all for making KDevelop !

I have this simple feature requests which developers may worth noting :
1. Publish KDevelop in Snap store.
2. The "Get new plugins" (or Templates) feature is not working, it always gives server error.
3*. Make a general API for KDevelop which makes development of third-party plugins easier. (Something like in Eclipse). The "Script Launch" feature sounds promising but could be made flexible and deep.
4. Please develop some more features that allows Python development fun, like code completion etc.

* KDevelop is obviously used by developers and programmers, so if a General API is launched, the plugins repository would flourish, as users itself would get involved !

Thanks a lot :)
J Arun Mani
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