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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Mon Jun 3 07:07:55 BST 2019


this is just to inform you that my build server running at home providing the 
AppImage builds broke down a couple days ago. There's no replacement in sight. 
We're also providing nightly AppImages which right now are no longer 
downloadable [1]

We should get another AppImage builder up and running obviously, so I asked 
around whether it's feasible to do that on KDE infrastructure. Apparently it 

Here are my notes from a conversation with bcooksley:

<bcooksley> kfunk: we do linux appimage builds for Krita and a couple of other 
<bcooksley> you'd just need to make your scripts work in the Ubuntu 
14.04/16.04 images we use
<bcooksley> if you need to build dependencies, we have an established flow for 
that too of course

<bcooksley> <
<bcooksley> are two examples

<bcooksley> in terms of things being picked up
<bcooksley> <
<bcooksley> has to be edited to include the new job (or jobs)
<bcooksley> Dependency Jobs should build anything like Frameworks/Qt/etc
<bcooksley> because building those every day is expensive

I don't see myself having time to work on it for at least this week, so if 
anyone wants to work on this, be our guest.

The build scripts for the KDevelop appimage + Dockerfile are here:



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