D14391: Fix random order of plugin's config pages

Gleb Popov noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jan 27 17:55:31 GMT 2019

arrowd added inline comments.


> mwolff wrote in uicontroller.cpp:542
> so the source of randomness can only come from here, where we iterate over the loaded plugins. fixing that would be simple, too: just collect the pages here, then sort them, then add them. that should fix the randomness without changing the whole API and changing the order of the basic config pages

This approach would sort pages when the configuration window is opened. It doesn't sort pages when you load/unload plugins from `Plugins` page.

When I uncheck and then check `Clazy` plugin there, it gets appended to the end of `Analyzers` pages list. But if I then close and open the configuration window again, it gets back on its place.

If you are OK with this, so do I.

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