FWIW: Running a session off an NFS share

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 12:00:26 GMT 2019


I sometimes open projects that are on an NFS share (because running KDevelop over remote X11 tends to be problematic). NFS works, but can be cruciatingly slow even if only the project sources are on the server (which is on the same LAN where I routinely get around 8Mbps file transfer speeds).

As an experiment I just ran KDevelop through `eatmydata` (slightly patched to show stats) on a project on an NFS share and that made the experience a *lot* better. After quitting KDevelop I got this confirmation why:

kdevelop: eatmydata swallowed 106710 time(s)

That means the relatively short session in which I only made a few minor changes issued over 100000 explicit sync calls and/or operations supposed to be done in synchronous mode (O_SYNC etc). 

"Eating" those syncs didn't cause any problems (possibly because my patch also does an explicit sync at exit) but note that I was also logged to the server (a Mac) to do the builds locally.

My patched eatmydata hack: github:RJVB/eatmydata .


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