D17255: KDevelop: support for installing into a non-standard parallel prefix

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jan 13 13:24:04 GMT 2019

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> rjvbb wrote in cmakeutils.h:120
> What do you mean with "its click message"? Accepting that dialog immediately gives the next import wizard dialog where you enter the project name.


> rjvbb wrote in manpageplugin.cpp:98
> This extends David's logic to the situation where you have an entire parallel install in KDEVELOP_INSTALL_PREFIX, and thus a potentially large number of duplicate (or newer versions of) manpages in there.
> The manpage plugin is mostly an annoyance to me so I can drop this hunk (I usually turn the plugin off). I've been thinking lately that KDevelop c/should just interface with khelpcentre to handle manpage display (and probably only care about sections 2 and 3*).

yes, let's drop this hunk (and then also the change to config-kdevelop.h.cmake
 since it becomes unused) and we can think about a proper solution to this in a separate patch. if at all, then these whitelisted paths should be user configurable in the manpage plugin configuration

  R32 KDevelop


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