D17858: clang: Also detect Clang builtin dirs at runtime on Unix

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jan 9 19:22:32 GMT 2019

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> clanghelpers.cpp:397
> +        auto hardcodedDir = QDir(QStringLiteral(KDEV_CLANG_BUILTIN_DIR));
> +        if (hardcodedDir.cd(QStringLiteral("../../%1/include").arg(clangVersion()))
> +            && QFile::exists(hardcodedDir.path() + QLatin1Char('/') + entryToCheck)) {

simplify this to

  if (hardcodedDir.cd(...) && hardcodedDir.exists(entryToCheck))

> clanghelpers.h:115
>   */
> -KDEVCLANGPRIVATE_EXPORT QString clangBuiltinIncludePath();
> +KDEVCLANGPRIVATE_EXPORT QString clangBuiltinIncludePath(const QString entryToCheck=QStringLiteral("."));

we should always use the same header, everytime. i.e. hardcode "cpuid" in this function and remove the argument here, and also hardcode it in the error message

> parsesession.cpp:277
> +    const auto builtinDir = ClangHelpers::clangBuiltinIncludePath();
> +    // builtinDir should never be empty, still, let's not add a stray -isystem to the argument list.
> +    if (!builtinDir.isEmpty()) {

it cannot be empty at this point, it would indicate serious brokenness (since the plugin would be loaded even though it shouldn't be). remove this if and revert back to the old code

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