D18758: Fix ASan error in test_cmakemanager by catching all signals before objects they are delivered to are deleted.

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Feb 10 19:40:05 GMT 2019

mwolff added a comment.

  the proper way would be to have `Project::open` return void, and instead report failure via a new 'failedToOpen' signal. And then internally handle the async code without a nested event loop. We'll probably need this in more places, and I wonder what the current best-practice is for that. Eventually `async/await` can be used, but we want to have something that works with the compilers we support today. Hm. I'd like to prevent us from trying to handle async code in an adhoc fashion. Rather, we should try to adopt a proper framework like e.g. KAsync? QtPromise? Something similar?

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