Parsing of *.inl files

Mathias Kraus k.hias at
Sun Apr 28 15:43:42 BST 2019

Am Montag, 22. April 2019, 21:31:43 CEST schrieb Milian Wolff:
> On Samstag, 20. April 2019 20:09:08 CEST Mathias Kraus wrote:
> > Hello together,
> >
> > for a long time I thought KDevelop can't handle a split of template classes
> > in *.h and *.inl files, but recently I noticed that it sometimes parses the
> > files correctly and shows all the information. With just three files in a
> > project, the parsing works if the *.inl file is the one shown at startup
> > and doesn't work if one of the others are shown at startup.
> >
> > Before I write a bug report I would like to investigate it further and maybe
> > also write a patch if someone could give me a hint where to start with
> > debugging.
> What do you get for `kmimetypefinder5 -f foo.inl`? Probably nothing, so fire
> up `kcmshell5 filetypes` and add `*.inl` as pattern to the `text/x-c++src`
> mimetype. That should solve this issue, I hope.
> Cheers

I already did that a long time ago. It improved the situation as there was code completion or tooltips  for functions, but not for classes and member variables. Lately I noticed that sometimes I get completion for everything when the *.inl file was the last file edited before closing kdevelop. Therefore I would like to dig into the code an check if I can fix it by myself and then write a proper bug report if I can't.

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