Is there a kdevelop-user list?

rhkramer at rhkramer at
Thu Apr 25 00:47:04 BST 2019

Is there a kdevelop-user list?

If not, is this the best place to ask user oriented questions?

(Some to start, and some background:)

I want to learn to use kdevelop (an older version, kdevelop 4.7.0 on kde 
4.14.2, on Debian Jessie).

Some background:

I intend to use it initially to read and try to understand code written by 
others for a C++ project (specifically Scintilla and Scite).  I expect to have 
need to run diffs of one file against another, and apply patches, but I won't be 
compiling from kdevelop as I need to build the system in a chroot jail with a 
more modern G++ compiler than comes with Jessie (iirc, it needs features of 
C++ 14 and 17 -- I already have a chroot jail built that successfully compiles 
the code for me).

I'd like to find a tutorial that deals with how to use kdevelop to import and 
then "work on" (as described above) existing projects (rather than starting 
from scratch to build a project.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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