D5447: Only add auto-detected compilers to model if they actually exist

Gleb Popov noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Apr 1 18:10:46 BST 2019

arrowd added inline comments.


> mwolff wrote in androidruntime.cpp:98
> @arrowd the PATH list here should still be going through `pathInHost`, otherwise it will point to the wrong directories. so it would be something like:
>   QStringList rtPaths = paths;
>   if (rtPaths.isEmpty()) {
>       // transform "PATH" env var values into rtPaths
>   }
>   // lookup using rtPaths
> @apol how would you implement this?

`getenv` there is `IRuntime::getenv()`. If I understand it right, it returns paths inside the RT, just what we need.

> mwolff wrote in compilerfactories.cpp:51
> shouldn't be required, we find the executable internally by name after all

Hmm. But the second arg of `createCompiler` is called `path`, and whole this patch is about passing a full path there.

Probably, in presence of such thing as runtimes, we need to revise Compiler's API and do something about `path()` method?

> mwolff wrote in dockerruntime.cpp:256
> all I said in the android runtime applies here too I believe
> also, the code is identical, so share it trough some "runtime helper header"

> also, the code is identical, so share it trough some "runtime helper header"

Where to put it?

  R32 KDevelop


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