D15532: [Astyle] Add Objective C to list of languages with formatters

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 20 13:48:06 BST 2018

rjvbb added a comment.

  >   C is not a subset of C++ (let me point to Mr. Stroustrup who should know it :)
  I wouldn't call it that either (it'd be degrading for C ;)), but C++ does inherit from C (and was a layer on top of C in its early days, IIRC with a sort of preprocessor).
  In fact, Mr Stroustrup does say basically the same thing:
    Except for a few examples [...], C++ is a superset of C. 
  Yes, he also points out that C and C++ can also be siblings, depending on what version you're talking about, but that probably goes beyond the scope of mimetypes.
  > The inheritance in sthe shared-mime-info is actually done as a hacky workaround
  Only? Not also to avoid code duplication?

  R32 KDevelop


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