D15532: [Astyle] Add Objective C to list of languages with formatters

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 20 13:10:29 BST 2018

rjvbb added a comment.

  >   ... shared-mime-info has this questionable inheritage for C++ and Objective-C from C.
  I don't think that's so questionable; doesn't the C++ entry also inherit from C? That would be logical at least historically speaking (and properly written C can still be compiled as C++ AFAIK).
  No, I think that as with all situations where inheritance is at play, one needs to work backwards, matching the most "evolved" choices first ... and cross fingers you don't run into too many multiple inheritance cases. That'd be the case for ObjC++. Then again, this is for the formatter only, fortunately, and the underlying library seems to identify the various C family members all by itself.

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