Adding ObjC settings to language support/parser tab?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Sep 14 15:12:38 BST 2018


I've been working with ObjC files inside KDevelop a bit more and keep missing things that just work in C/C++. A while back I contributed an "initial working solution" (never committed) which makes KDevelop handle ObjC and ObjC++ files as if they're C (C++) but that clearly doesn't help too much. The clang parser evidently recognises a certain number of things, but not everything. Selector definitions aren't well recognised for instance; they don't show up in the Outline navigator and the code highlighter works only very partially; same for other ObjC syntax like [foo doA:Thing with:orWithout].

I wonder to what extent this has to do with the fact that the code parser only has settings for C and C++ (plus 2 unrelated things). ObjC compilers do have a few options that aren't relevant for C/C++ so it would make sense at least to have an option to specify ObjC options that are appended to the configured/default C or C++ options. Where would I start looking to add this, is it another domain where one ends up editing a surprising number of files in very different locations?


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