Environment Profile - Broken Configuration

Miljenko Jakovljevic micky686 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 17:22:38 UTC 2018


After having built kdevelop from source and having it run normally I am
trying to debug the debuggercommon plugin (Case 327760) using another
kdevelop instance.

The debuger instance is executed using the environment from the default
kde/.setup-env script. Each instance has a different session.

After clicking on debug in the debuger instance the debugee instance
executes fine in debug mode.

I am trying to make the debugee instance trigger a breakpoint which I set
in the debugger instance.  In the debugee instance I have setup a small
test program.

The whole setup looks like this:
kdevelop debuger instance -> kdevelop debugee instance -> test program to

Clicking on execute or debug in the debugee instance gives the following
strange message:

kdevelop.plugins.execute: Launch Configuration: "test" "No environment
profile specified, looks like a broken configuration, please check run
configuration 'test'. Using default environment profile.

Sometimes I get this message when I just run a single kdevelop instance
with the test program, even when the program can be executed/debugged with
no problems.

It would appear that the environment profile I set for the debuger is not
inherited in the test program. If that is the case, does the environment
profile (I assume this contains the enviroment variables) stand in an 1:1
relationship with a session ?

Thanks in advance!
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