D11548: UI improvements for "Force Full Update" action of problem reporter

Kevin Funk noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Mar 22 10:12:12 UTC 2018

kfunk added inline comments.


> antonanikin wrote in problemreportermodel.cpp:111
> The main problem with `.patch` files is that the `BackgroundParser` does not emit `parseJobFinished` signal for them. Therefore `m_fullUpdateDocuments` will be not-empty at the end of parsing :(
> Quick-and-dirty way to detect such filename without `QRegularExpression` may be somethig like:
>   static const QString vcsDiffFilePrefix(QLatin1String("kdevelop_"));
>   static const QString vcsDiffFileSuffix(QLatin1String(".patch"));
>   auto fileName = url.fileName();
>   if (fileName.size() == (vcsDiffFilePrefix.size() + vcsDiffFileSuffix.size() + 6) && 
>       fileName.startsWith(vcsDiffFilePrefix) &&
>       fileName.endsWith(vcsDiffFilePrefix)) {
>       // our stuff ...
>   }
> Also I don't know when such `.patch` files are created - sometimes they are exists, sometimes - not. Do you know some some step-to-reproduce actions for force `.patch` files creation? This can help me to make some tests and find more beautiful solution.

The regex itself isn't the problem. The problem is that we need to have this check/filter here altogether.

m_fullUpdateDocuments should never contain these .patch files (or IOW the problem store should never contain it) to begin with. Do you agree? I don't have the full picture about how problem store gets filled, I'd need to look into that myself...

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