Build fails intermittently requiring a complete rebuild; Best IDE for kdevelop

Francis Herne mail at
Wed Mar 21 00:29:11 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 20 March 2018 20:04:24 GMT Miljenko Jakovljevic wrote:
> Using kdevelop to develop kdevelop seems not to work on my system, because
> the system recognizes that there is already a running instance, when one
> tries to execute the modified kdevelop instance from the IDE.

This can be solved by using `kdevelop --ps` to launch KDevelop, or
 `kdevelop -s some_existing_session`.

I'm not familiar with the build problem, but some comments on what you posted:

 * The usual build process is something like `cd build/ && cmake .. && make`. 
Running  CMake directly in the source directory is probably not advisable.

 * You might want to try `cmake -GNinja ..  && ninja` - it's quicker than Make 
and seems more reliable.

 * Using ccache can reduce the cost of repeated clean builds, at the cost of 
occasional strange issues.


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